Transportation law

Analysis of safety abstracts of owners and operators, and recommendations for correction or adjustment,

Consultations and opinions on the rights and obligations of carriers, shippers, consignees, brokers and freight forwarders, and on applicable rules in the field of commercial transactions,

Dispute of penal violations in Quebec and Ontario,

Filing of applications for bus transport permits in the province of Quebec,

Filing of applications for truck transport permits and brokerage permits in the United States,

Filing of registrations and renewal forms with proper government authorities,

Interpretation of laws and regulations in the field of road transport,

Various interventions before the Commission des transports du Québec, the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec and the ministère des Transports,

Disputes of any nature, namely claims for lost or damaged freight and claims for unpaid freight or storage charges,

Intervention in applications for bus transport permits and oppositions of such applications,

Drafting and negotiating of commercial agreements, such as transport, storage, brokerage, distribution, lease and subcontracting agreements, as well as confidentiality, partnership, non-competition and non‑solicitation agreements,

Representations before the Commission des transports du Québec with regard to behaviour assessment,

Representations before civil, penal and administrative courts.