Business law

Drafting, editing and negotiating various business contracts, such as:

  • trust agreements
  • commercial leases
  • promissory notes and guarantees
  • service agreements
  • employment agreements
  • shareholders agreements
  • stock purchase and sale agreements
  • assets purchase and sale agreements
  • immovables purchase and sale agreements
  • supply, distribution, licensing and manufacturing agreements
  • loan agreements and financing offers
  • production and management agreements
  • movable and immovable hypothecs
  • movables and immovables purchase offers and letters of intent

Incorporation and organization of corporations and trusts,

Annual updates of the books of minutes, drafting of annual reports and declarations to appropriate government authorities,

Amendment to articles of incorporation, continuation, merger, winding‑up and termination of corporations,

Corporate restructuring, including rollover and freeze,

Due diligence reviews and corporate legal opinions,

Estate planning.