Our firm’s corporate identity represents the crossover between our spheres of practice and, above all, our objective: ensuring the satisfaction of clients and meeting their expectations.

Our firm and its values

Société d’avocats DEXAR Inc. is a boutique law firm founded in 2013 by experienced litigation and business law attorneys.

The idea of launching this boutique law firm was born of the founders’ desire to offer their clients all of the drive and passion they share for the practice of law within a more accessible and intuitive structure, supported by a competent, responsible and committed team.

Every day, we advocate and develop a close relationship with each of our clients, by becoming interested in their projects and businesses, and firmly grasping the mechanisms of their business segment.

To do so, we endorse multiple values, and each member of our team is tasked with constantly striving to apply them and pass them on to our clients – respect, trust, humanity, cooperation, excellence and cheerfulness are just some of these important values.

Simply put, we sincerely believe that it is still possible and desirable today to serve our clients in a committed and responsible manner, while acting with humanity and conviviality toward the persons we meet on a daily basis.

This is what defines DEXAR.